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Time-trialling involves matching one's current fitness and abilities on a bike against the external milieu of road, distance, weather and the clock. That is, it involves getting on your bike and going like the clappers until you've covered the predetermined distance.

Welcome to Atta NSW

ATTA is an association of individuals, bike riders who wish to pursue their sport of road time-trialling with regular, organised events on a range of courses varying in the sort of challenge each offers and at distances ranging from about 12.5km to 43km and to promote the sport to encourage other bike riders to participate. ATTA was founded in 1988 by a group of riders who saw the need for a specialist club to cater for Time Triallists in WA; they took over the running of a number of events which had been run for a number of years by the former WA Veterans Cycling Association that eventually merged with ATTA. At the time of its formation ATTA was the only such specialist group in Australia. Although without any formal commitment now, there is a loosely affiliated group that has been operating in NSW since 1993


Personal Best

Once you have recorded 2 times on the same distance you are entitled to establish a PB (Personal Best time). If you beat your PB you are rewarded with free entry the following month.